About me

My amazing Grandad bought me my first camera, 30 and a bit years later I am more passionate about photography than ever before. 

The very first Wedding, shot on my beloved Nikkormatt (sometimes used as a prop when styling!) I was so excited and couldn't wait to get the rolls of film developed, so it was straight to the lab and I waited until every timeless image were in my hands.  

Now a I swap and change between Olympus/Canon both fabulous instruments! However and quote "it's not the equipment in which you use, it is the eyes that which you see".

A fully qualified photo stylist who sees the bigger picture every time.


I still love the magical moments of a wedding and working with the Bride and groom, ensuring every detail of their wonderful day is captured. Please see "once in a lifetime" for more information. 

Enjoy working in the fashion and corporate world too, meeting new faces and feeling the true passion when I get to style a shoot for a new brand using my creative mind and being allowed to express the true potential of all the possibilities. Whether it's the a beautiful English Coast or a Californian beach, a stunning hotel in London Town or a elegant riad in Marrakech, I'll deliver you a set of images that will capture the essence of your brand. 

 About Alison

With over 12 years experience in the Beauty and Well Being Industry, Alison has seen client care from all angles. She considers herself a bit of a 'professional rebel', who likes to push the boundaries, bringing your experience to an even higher level, using Luxury Products, giving you the very best care, and going that Extra Mile you really deserve. She is just as passionate about taking care of your skin, and her product lines reflect that. Using predominantly mineral make up, Alison is able to create the most amazing looks, whilst causing zero damage to your skin, short or long term.
Every one of her clients deserve the very best experience and more, and Alison, along with Tara, is here to give you just that. This makes Alison and Tara your perfect pair.  When two professionals, and friends, so like minded, come together, and create, you're in for something exceptionally special. 
From a very young age, Alison was often being told off for seeking out her mum's make up and giving her dolls secret makeovers.......nowadays she loves nothing more than supporting her bridal clients through their journey to the most magical day of their lives. 
Alison also loves her role in creating the perfect image for personal branding photo and video shoots, as well as photo shoots in more intimate settings.
Alison says 'In essence, it's all about helping you feel as comfortable as possible in your own skin, so that you can radiate the happiest and most confident YOU in front of the camera!'

About Anne-Marie 

 I fell in love with Italy when I was 21 – my first trip abroad  over 30 years ago and I have had a life long love affair with Italy ever since. I left then came back and like your first love, you can’t quite forget Italy. Now I’m lucky enough to live here permanently after moving here 18 years ago to the most amazing region of Calabria. I have an Italian husband and a wonderful  son who was born here. I am fluent in Italian and my family and I live a typical Calabrese lifestyle. Friends who visit us can’t help but fall in love with this captivating land.      I am having the time of my life living out my dream in a beautiful place, following my passion arranging stunning weddings, parties and events, right here in beautiful Southern Italy .

 If you decide this to is the place for you to say “I do” I will deal with everything for you from the perfect venue right down to the finer details of the paperwork and making arrangements for all your guests. Leaving you just to enjoy every magical moment! 


 Eventi is a family run business based in Calabria the very south of Italy and in some respects relatively undiscovered by mass tourism. The region rich in culture,history, and natural beauty. Home to majestic mountains and a beautiful coastline, medieval hilltop villages, castles, mystery and folklore.  

The small pockets of British tourists who have discovered our magical  region come back again and again, many go on to invest in properties here – but all secretly hope that it will remain untouched by mass tourism and  retain its rustic Italian charm! It really is Italy’s best kept secret .

At Eventi we believe that we are unique in that we only organise our weddings in Calabria itself. We know this area so well and we have a long

list of reliable contacts with whom we have excellent relationships and who we are confident will deliver. We will never compromise our standards by operating in an area which is unfamiliar territory to us and we aim to take care of only a handful of events a year so that you will have the individual attention which is so important when arranging your special day. Furthermore what makes us truly unique at Eventi is that we are true mix of English and Southern Italian backgrounds.   

Please go to the contact page for more information. 




"I believe they capture my unique essence. I would certainly recommend Tara to anyone looking to amplify their personal brand."