I worked with Tara to create the visual brand for my website. As a leadership coach it is important that I portray myself authentically and professionally, to help build credibility and trust with my ideal clients – after all, who you are is how you coach. I love the sea, and courage is a vital component of how I coach and how I help my clients realise their potential. I wanted Tara to capture this as well as the essence of who I am. I had an incredible day with Tara. I was nervous about the shoot, but within a few minutes she’d put me at ease. Her shots were perfect – nailing my brief and, as a friend said to me when she saw the photos , ‘there you are, exactly as we see you’. She exceeded my expectations and provided a day full of laughter and joy. I highly recommend working with Tara if you’re looking for someone to capture who you are and present that to the world.

Clare Baker, leadership coach

"Tara TOTALLY gets me.

I can go a bit stiff in front of a camera but she makes me laugh and puts me so at ease and somehow, miraculously captures the REAL me.

I love the pictures she captures and she completely understands my brand and all that I am about and manages to beautifully reflect that in EVERY SINGLE shot. It is astounding and I have never before worked with a photographer like her.

I recently wrote a book and naturally the front cover image is prime real estate! Tara created an image that perfectly communicated the way I desired potential readers to FEEL when they read the book. To capture a promised feeling is pretty unique and Tara did it with ease.

I am eternally grateful to her."


Katie - Self-Love Mentor at Daring & Mighty

I just don't know where to start... When you've had such a magical day it's always so exciting when those first few pictures come through to you.... And in our case they were the very next day.

Tara has the most incredible character, filled with excitement and enthusiasm for what she does and is so set on getting that perfect shot and in her case they all are.

Tara puts you at ease the minute she meets you.... Going through every detail to ensure you get just the pictures you want on your special day.

I can't describe just how over the moon we are with our memories that Tara has captured.  Every detail, every look, every special moment shared was caught for us to keep forever.  Tara has incredible talent an eye for the perfect framing of a shot and she just does not switch off.... It's so great to work along side her and how creative she is has made for the most incredible pictures, better than we ever thought they could be.

Just when I thought there would be no more tears.... Looking through all the pictures enabled us to reminisce on our special day all over again (and we have done the same everyday since ) 

I can't thank or praise Tara enough for what she has done.... I'm smiling now just thinking about her and the incredible pictures.

A very grateful Mr and Mrs Ogden xxx

Again thank u both so much for doing our photography you were both just simply  amazing. Ive had so many of our guests saying how great u were. You made our day perfect just the way we wanted it, with no fuss.

Miriam Knowles

"My brand photoshoot in London with Tara was an unforgettable day that exceeded all expectation. With her warm and engaging personality, she was expert at ensuring that I relax and enjoy the experience, while she brought out the best in me, making me laugh and feel so at ease in front of the camera. My photos are a true reflection of my brand, with their feeling of luxury, and I believe they capture my unique essence. I would certainly recommend Tara to anyone looking to amplify their personal brand."


On the walls around my house , I have photos in old , vintage frames of places , people and thought provoking shots  that delight me every day. The frames however only compliment the photos -  all taken by the gifted Tara Panchaud.

Tara uses her soul and situational awareness to empathetically catch moments in time.

Like Tara, I am a crew member who has travelled to incredible places. The shots she enjoys  are those 'on the road less travelled.' The photos of places one  forgets about. The most vivid ' wanderlust ' photo I recall her taking was of a man who was fixing his 1950's car on a cobbled backstreet in Havana, Cuba. The light was beautiful and whilst tourists were hurriedly snapping shots of attractions, Tara would wander aimlessly and capture the real Cuba. 

It was incredible. The man's eyes bore into me and yet I wonder if he even knew he was photographed? I kept wondering what his life was like and how much that car contributed to his everyday life. I think her photos compete with any Conde Nast or National Geographic travel pics as she has such an incredible eye for it.

I am also blessed to have hundreds of photos that Tara has taken of the three most important people in my life. My husband John and my two beautiful boys Callum and Josh. They are now moody teenagers and trying to get photos of them is not easy but I am so happy looking back at the photos of their youth. Tara has not only captured the mischief and laughter over the years but also managed to perfectly capture the love that is between a family.

In short she has made memories one cannot buy... She has captured the window to my family's soul. X


I needed professional photos for my new branding of my website and didn't really have much idea of what was involved in a photo shoot.  After my initial discussion with Tara around planning the day, I felt so much more relaxed and she gave me fantastic tips on what to wear,  ideas for the style of pictures and reminded me to bring tools and props.  Because of Tara's attention to detail, the photo shoot went amazingly well and Tara was a dream to work with.  

My web designer said that my pictures were the best she had seen in terms of my branding, the quality and the fact that Tara had taken into account that I needed both landscape and portrait to allow the pictures to be used within my marketing.

On the second photo shoot I understood a little more of what was expected and again Tara made me feel like a Queen!  Having feared the camera she calmed my nerves and the time flew past.  The pictures are A-Mazing.  I can't believe they are of me!!  I love the way Tara captured my personality, and at the same time, took the pictures that were right for my branding and the exact style for my business.

I can't recommend Tara highly enough!   Thank you Tara - I truly am looking forward to working with you again in the near future.